About Us

EduLink was established in 2001 to focus on the Chinese higher education market. Since then, we have successfully built partnerships with top-ranked institutions in China and we continue to expand our partnerships and programmes throughout China.

Our success in crossing the cultural divide stems from our founders, Canadian Dr. Francis Jones, PhD (Toronto) and Ms. Duan Wen Jing (Amber), a native of Jiangsu, China, who received her MBA from Charles Sturt University, Australia. This founding team fits comfortably in the academic and administrative offices of universities and government education departments anywhere in China and throughout the West.

Quick Facts:

  • Head office in Shanghai, China
  • North American office in Halifax, Canada
  • Five, fully bilingual managerial and general staff in the head office
  • Ten marketing staff throughout China
  • A network of academic advisors from Australia, Canada, the UK, USA and China
  • Established partnerships with seven universities in central and eastern China and six universities in the United Kingdom
  • 2500 students enrolled in EduLink managed programmes in China
  • Annual transfer of more than 250 students to further study in western universities

EduLink presently manages partnerships with the following universities:

  • Fudan University, Shanghai
  • Shanghai Institute of Industrial Economics Management, Shanghai
  • Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou
  • Liaoning University, Shenyang
  • HoHai University, Nanjing
  • HuangHuai University, Zhumadian
  • East China Normal University, Shanghai
United Kingdom
  • Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth
  • Bangor University, Bangor
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University (formerly UWIC), Cardiff
  • University of Wales, Newport

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