The EduLink Difference

EduLink thrives in a challenging and competitive market by knowing how to bring together two very different education systems. Our efforts deliver solid education partnerships, custom tailored to meet the requirements of both Chinese and Western higher education systems.

Every partnership we build is customized to the unique needs of the universities we bring together. These needs include curriculum development, quality assurance, staffing and general programme management.

Quality assurance is a critical part of all we do. For Western universities this means transfer students arrive with the academic and language skills they require to succeed in the West. For Chinese universities this means students are taught a curriculum that prepares them for the working world in China or the West.

EduLink consistently delivers, on an annual basis, more than $3.3 million USD (2 million GBP) of revenue to partner universities in the West. The sum represents foreign student fees generated directly from students participating in EduLink managed 2+2 or 3+1 programmes.

A substantial revenue stream delivered to Western universities is made possible by EduLink’s presence on the ground in China. Our staff takes an active and leading role in the daily and long-term management of the programmes we develop. This physical presence not only helps ensure smooth running programmes, it also ensures our partner universities are the primary focus of Chinese students looking to transfer to the West.

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