• Establishment of higher education partnerships within China
  • Management of higher education programmes including:
Translation. Any programme operating between UW and institutions in China will be faced with communication challenges. We help to meet these challenges by providing translations of all relevant marketing, administrative, legal, and academic documents.

Registration. Accurate registration of students can be difficult in China, as this involves the bridging of two separate systems. Through internal mechanisms and training programmes at our partners, EduLink is able to minimize difficulties in this area.

Continuous Monitoring. Daily monitoring of our programmes is important for ensuring that small problems do not become big problems.

Relationship Building. We take a collaborative approach to our partnerships in China. And our presence in China means that we can cement these relationships through our frequent face-to-face meetings with both staff and students. This is essential for the long-term survival of any collaboration in China.

Academic Support. EduLink’s knowledge of Western education allows us to guide our lecturers and students through in-house training and special seminars. These are very important means of bridging the Sino-West “education gap” and have proven to be essentials elements of a smooth running programme.

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